Encyclopedia of Anthropocene

We must create new means to connect multitudes in the world in order to develop the dissensus of oneness. We propose that we investigate beyond implicit intuitions of natural beauty and/or rational calculus. Instead we rely on the intersection of ancestral knowledge with disrupting presence of technosocial artifacts.

The world continues to fall apart. Our project seeks to forge new bonds without imposing consensus. The Anthropocene Encyclopedia includes spiritual voices from the past, marks of landscape and natural processes, as well as human activity. We are motivated by a pressing question for the present: How can we maintain and share knowledge in the face of disruption? We see the Earth as a collection of places occupied by relics of past intelligence (ghosts), remnants of recent industrial and infrastructure operations (humans), and various forms of biodiversity (biom). To develop the dissensus of oneness, we must find new ways to connect these locations. We suggest to go beyond implicit intuitions of natural beauty and rational forms of capital circulation to find complex copresence at the crossroads of ancestral knowledge permeating the present with the current existence of disrupted landscape and its impact on natural conditions.